Saturday, 6 August 2016

Cerastus Knight - Castigator WIP #1

I haven't painted a lot lately because of real work and other real-life projects that needed attention.
I decided to start with my Cerastus Knight for my Armies on Parade-Board and as support for my House Hazamel.

So step 1: Cleaning Resin!

Unfortunately I found something like this (a lot...)

...which caused a support-call at ForgeWorld and an overnight delivery.
Compared to the usuals Imperial Knight the Castigator is a lot bigger and heavier.

In general I'll stick to the old pattern but with a more orange. I got a lot of "hey, it's a Knight from Mars". No, that's Ryza and that's no household from the book.
So: More orange!

I'm looking forward to get this guy finished!

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