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Deathwatch - Week 1 (and a half)

I'm honest: My first thought about the Deathwatch-Release was: I don't need this. I'll wait until they're sold seperatly.

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But as you can see, I caved in and bought the full release. I've to admit that I split the box with a friend who get's all the Eldar-Stuff. So finally it was a bargain for both of us.

So let's dive into it...


I love the design of the dice. But as many others I still don't get it why Games Workshop puts the nice symbols on the 1 instead of the 6. Expect for morale and AP I don't want to see the symbol.

Death Masque

I didn't get that deep into the box but with having a Vanguard Veteran Squad and a Venerable Dreadnaught in it, it already paid my part of the share. The Watch Captain and the new Veterans plus the book are just bonus.
My opinion on the Deathwatch-specific stuff is a little split. I like all the stuff and details that comes with the new Veterans. Awesome details, great weapons. The Deathwatch-Upgrade-Sprue is kind of a joke: Two Terminator-Shoulder, ten Standard-Shoulders, two heads, a torso, a Powersword and three icons (two big, one small). Keep that in mind, I'll come to this later.


From what I saw I could say only one thing: The codex is off the charts nasty-badass!
I guess you heard about the heavy weapon stuff at this point. So it's totally legal to field a Killteam of five veterans and give four of them a heavy weapon like the Deathwatch Shrapnel Cannon and one a Special Weapon(e.g. Grav-Gun). Everything that decides to get closer than 12 inches is just beiing vaporised.
Plus you get a new 12-Person-Flyer, able to transport jump-units and bikes. So it's a nightmare to meet an army with a Landraider Redeemer with five Terminators, a Droppod with five highly armed Veterans and a Flyer that spills out Bikes. I don't like to see that on the other side of the table.
Fluffwise I was a little disappointed: You've assembled the best of the best, the heroes of all chapters and give them again a hard training... to earn a WS 4?! Why not make the weapons a little weaker and up the WS to 5? I would have loved to see that to reflect this fact. But what am I talking about. The Codex also speaks about Venerable Blood Angels Dreadnaught, which don't exist in the current codex.
To sum it up: It's a small but highly complicated and strong codex. Love to see how good you can play these.


Things that are always sold out. Haven't opend mine yet. I guess there are the new mission-cards inside and the tactics for Deathwatch (yay! More rerolls!)

Further Releases

I preordered the Terminator Captain. For GW-Standards he (and his normal Captain also) is almost cheap with 20 €. Compared to other clamppacks reaching from 25 € for an Assassin to Tech-Priest for 29 €. You get the Captain plus the Upgrade-Sprue I already mentioned. An that's where the disappointment kicks in.
Except for the all-new Darkstar-Flyer you get this Upgrade-Sprue with everything. From the Captain to a Landraider. For a Captain that's totally okay to have something like this. For a Landraider or a Droppod you don't need ten shoulderpads and just two vehicle-icons. Why not add inscription-parts for vehicles? Or a transfersheet. Which exists but was (so far) only available if you bought the limited edition codex. That's lame. Bikers are even worse. You get the standard Space Marine bikes and *drumroll* the Upgrade-Sprue. No special frontshields like in Killteam Cassius. No custom bolters.
Compared to what I saw so far in variety Killteam Cassius is the nicer looking Deathwatch-Release. But you've to put a lot of effort in it to customize it. Maybe there's some nice suprise on week three of Deathwatch but I don't think so.
It's complaining on a high level but it feels a little like a missed chance.

I'm really looking forward playing these guy in a HoR Killteam-Match because I think that's what these guys are really made for.

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