Saturday, 20 August 2016

Gamification of Wargaming

Everybody loves achievments. And unfortunately there are (nearly) none for wargaming. Well, until now.
Pimpcorn from Bell of Lost Souls introduced a nice set of achievments.

Let's see how much points I can score...

Been there, done that! Including bonus points.

Points: 2

Uhm... zero points!

Questing Knight
Me and my Admechs traveling to Nuremburg.

Points: 3

Take a bath
I'm not long enough in this business to do so ;)

Rainbow Warrior
More than four?! Really?! Also Bonuspoints!

Points: 5

Married to the hobby
Nope. Not long enough

Keyboard Warrior
Again no points for me. I'm just pretty active at Instagram. But I guess that doesn't count.

Bad Touch
Losing Streak? Is there another thing like "losing"?
I really roll dice very bad but I don't think I've messed up so bad.

Points: 6

Nid Syndrome
Yes, I have Nids. Yes, I complain about the codex. And yes, I still play them.

Points: 8

Drowning in models
*cough* *cough* Me?! Nooooo... I don't have unopend boxes. And if I had so it's just ten of them. And no, my room's not dedicated to this. It's just my room. So I take a half point for that.

Points: 10,5

Sisters Syndrome
Hey, I already have the Nid Syndrome! No Sisters Syndrome on top!

Flayed ones
Happens... Blood for the Bloodgod!

Points: 11,5

There can only be one
I'm not good enough to play a tournament. And remember: Nids!

Legendary Creature
I've played against a female creature. She now runs her own shop.

Points: 12,5

Introduced two people to X-Wing. Does that count?

Points: 13,5

Lore Master
I read the Priests of Mars-Trilogy, the Blood Angels-Thing with the Chaos Gene-thing and book one and two of the new Beast arises-Series. Two Points for me!

Points: 15,5

Fluffy Bunny
Shop-Campaign had mor than three missions and I took part in three missions. Season of War had no missions as far as I remember.

Points: 16,5

Power Gamer
No, I don't do stuff like that. I like to play my nice shiny models instead of building a killerlist everyone's pissed off.

Special Snowflake
House Hazamel. Two Points for me!

Points: 18,5

Nope. I don't.

The Playa
The one that shows how bad it really is:
+1 for more than one army
+1 for more than one wargame
Bonus: +1 for more than five armies

Final result: 21,5 Points... so 22 of 50.
Honorary Title: Space Marine Captain on Cocaine!
I can live with that. Doing this for not so long seems to save my ass.

There's hope for me.

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