Friday, 30 September 2016

Cerastus Knight Castigator Showcase

It took a while. I don't know for what reasons, but finally I managed to take some good pictures of my Castigator.
The Foldio 2 is big enough to fit a Cerastus Knight. Even with a Foldio 360 beneath it. But enjoy the pictures of Baron Samedi.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Road to Armies on Parade 2016 - Part 2

Actually this is not a work in progress-article.
This is more about the finished board.
From the last article I went on pretty quickly

Always remember: This is terrain! Don't get lost (too much) on the details. I kept this to a minimum. Well, at least as it is possible to keep details to a "minimum" with ForgeWorld terrain tiles.
I painted a lot of details on this board because this is base for my Armies on Parade entry. And it was pretty hard because the ground blends into rocks, concrete and metalsheets at many places.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Blood Angels Tacticals - WIP #1

Remember that goal thing?
I've one in front of me: Campaign this week. I don't want to field Blood Angels with my so sucessful Sniperscouts.
Yes, I've an "old" army of Blood Angels from back then when Death Company and Assault Marines were troop-choices.
I dont't play them often lately because I don't like my scouts as troops. But I was also too busy and to lazy to finally get my second box of Tacticals painted.
Until now. For the beginners store campaign.

To be honest: I'm not working hard on this. I got distracted by my new computer a lot and for my taste the Blood Angels Tactical got a lot of decoration on their armor. For a Sternguard this might be okay, but for tacticals that's too much for me. But I keep on working. First up was the Seargent and the Heavy Bolter guy.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Road to Armies on Parade 2016 - Part 1

Few days ago my computer died.
It happend suddenly and he didn't even do some of the beeping (Better know as POST) like R2-D2 when he's not happy. Drop dead. After 10 years. So far for quality on mainboards nower days.

Lucky me, I've chosen another (analogous) hobby. Even more lucky me the friendly UPS-Deliveryman was around this week and brought a pretty big box.

So: Time for Armies on Parade.
I'll take part with my Ryza War Convocation featuring the new Baron Samedi (Pictures of him are postponed until I get my new computer). And maybe already with some of the new units from ForgeWorld.

As mentioned before, I'll use a predesigned Board this year and not dive into the sea of DIY-Terrain.

First of all: ForgeWorld-Terrain is awesome (yes, I also the imperial emplacement). It's superlight and superdetailed. Far better than I could do with DIY. But as you can see above it's pretty limited for big units.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Weekend roundup

This has been a more or less productive weekend. Let's see what happend

Imperial Knight

I spend the whole Friday freehanding a banner for my Castigator and gave him the finishing touch.

I guess he'll be too big for my small lightbox so I'll have to find a way to get some nice pictures of him.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cerastus Knight - Castigator WIP #2

The title is a little bit misleading.
I've worked on the Castigator for over a month now and learned a lot about working with resin and pushing my borders a little bit further.

Because it's House Hazamel it needed the sunset and Mr. Reapy as signature.

The head was one of the things that gave me headache
The lenses are so deep inside you almost can't reach them. But he looks great. Not visible: I painted all the tubes and hoses of the torso again.