Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Blood Angels Tacticals - WIP #1

Remember that goal thing?
I've one in front of me: Campaign this week. I don't want to field Blood Angels with my so sucessful Sniperscouts.
Yes, I've an "old" army of Blood Angels from back then when Death Company and Assault Marines were troop-choices.
I dont't play them often lately because I don't like my scouts as troops. But I was also too busy and to lazy to finally get my second box of Tacticals painted.
Until now. For the beginners store campaign.

To be honest: I'm not working hard on this. I got distracted by my new computer a lot and for my taste the Blood Angels Tactical got a lot of decoration on their armor. For a Sternguard this might be okay, but for tacticals that's too much for me. But I keep on working. First up was the Seargent and the Heavy Bolter guy.

Even I learned something the last years and that taught me, that Flamer and Rocket Launcher is nice to have but not the best choice in many matches. I hope the new combination of heavy Bolter and Plasma-Rifle is better against hordes and vehicles.
Almost finished Sarge...

...and almost finished heavy Bolter:

I'll add Squad-Signs, purity seal writings, battle damage and so on in the end.
Well, squad signs as far as possible. Sarge has some crosses on his knee so I've to look for another place to put the sign.
I don't know if it is because I painted big thinks lately, but I felt like the "extra" touch was missing on those two. It feels like there's no eyecatcher, nothing that makes them outstanding.
For the rest of the squad I changed my highlight color like it's described in the painting guide. 
To me Fire Dragon Bright instead of Wild Red River always looked to bright for Blood Angels. But I've to admit, it gives them a little extra touch. With the finished bodies of these four guys my Instagram went mad and hit the 100 likes for the first time.
Guys, they are not done yet. And now I'm affraid of messing them up. I guess the finished ones will end up at the ususal 40 likes.
After the bodies I started painting the helmets. I perfer to paint them on a stick to have better access to all the places.
As you can see in the background I'm working with little plastic bags. Also one thing that anoys me: Arm come now in pairs marked at the sprue with letters. I haven't tried this with the Tacticals but I took me a while with the Skitarii to figure out which arms belong together. As a result I keep them seperated now all the time in plastic bags.
I hope to finish these guys by the end of the week before I repeat this with the last four guys.
And then: Back to Armies on Parade.

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