Friday, 30 September 2016

Cerastus Knight Castigator Showcase

It took a while. I don't know for what reasons, but finally I managed to take some good pictures of my Castigator.
The Foldio 2 is big enough to fit a Cerastus Knight. Even with a Foldio 360 beneath it. But enjoy the pictures of Baron Samedi.

As a community member of Coolminiornot mentioned in the comments: Yes, the base is still a weakspot. I'm not completly happy with it but it fits the rest of my Admech-army. Yes, he deserves better than that ;) But in the end it's a playing piece and not for the cabinet.

As mentioned before I also tried some serious freehands this time.

Well, that's number two of my knights. And I've another four sitting on my shelf.

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