Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cerastus Knight - Castigator WIP #2

The title is a little bit misleading.
I've worked on the Castigator for over a month now and learned a lot about working with resin and pushing my borders a little bit further.

Because it's House Hazamel it needed the sunset and Mr. Reapy as signature.

The head was one of the things that gave me headache
The lenses are so deep inside you almost can't reach them. But he looks great. Not visible: I painted all the tubes and hoses of the torso again.

First time on hie feet with shoulders glued in place.
While fighting with the arms I figured out that this was a mistake. Lesson learned. And on his base. Decided to paint stripes on the hatches to make it look not so boring.

Next step counts as madness again: I added a little counter on the ammobackpack

5/0 brush and mangifing glas needed. After that the powersword was painted with blue blending. It's okay but I'm not overall happy with it.

I don't know why but then I had the idea that it'll be nice to drill some holes in a 175 Pound kit. Have I said anything about madness yet?

What drove me mad (and took me two evenings) was the ammo feed.

"Use a hairdryer and gently bend it into position" Hairdryer yes! Gently: No way! Force was with me. And sweat. And fear to break it. And glue. Lots of glue!
But in the end it paid of:
He's looking nice befor transfers and damage and dust and rust.
Madness part three struck me tonight.
I saw some beautiful leaves at Leehadfield Painting's Instagram-Account and decided to try this too. 

Good thing: I like it. It looks good. Bad thing: The rest of the Knight looks like crap to me now ;) Kids! Don't do freehands! Doesn't pay off!
Remaining To-Do-List
  • Transfers
  • Little battle damage
  • Rust and Dust
  • Being happy to paint something other after a month of Imperial Knight

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