Thursday, 8 September 2016

Road to Armies on Parade 2016 - Part 1

Few days ago my computer died.
It happend suddenly and he didn't even do some of the beeping (Better know as POST) like R2-D2 when he's not happy. Drop dead. After 10 years. So far for quality on mainboards nower days.

Lucky me, I've chosen another (analogous) hobby. Even more lucky me the friendly UPS-Deliveryman was around this week and brought a pretty big box.

So: Time for Armies on Parade.
I'll take part with my Ryza War Convocation featuring the new Baron Samedi (Pictures of him are postponed until I get my new computer). And maybe already with some of the new units from ForgeWorld.

As mentioned before, I'll use a predesigned Board this year and not dive into the sea of DIY-Terrain.

First of all: ForgeWorld-Terrain is awesome (yes, I also the imperial emplacement). It's superlight and superdetailed. Far better than I could do with DIY. But as you can see above it's pretty limited for big units.
After I showered the board I primed it black and then added a layer of Zandri Dust (Found three cans in my favorit gaming and comic store). I left out most of the parts that will be metal or concrete later and tried to give it not to smooth look.

As a second step I started painting the concrete partes with Mechanicus Standard Grey and the metal parts (not in the picture) with Leadbelcher.
Will wash both paints with Nuln-Oil later and blend them (or at least try to) again to the Zandri Dust.
I was pretty impressed how much of a difference a little grey highlights make. I'm looking forward to add the rest of the colors and then do a heavy weathering. There's rust and hits which will end up in a lot of weathering. Blood Angel is just for size comparison.

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