Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Road to Armies on Parade 2016 - Part 2

Actually this is not a work in progress-article.
This is more about the finished board.
From the last article I went on pretty quickly

Always remember: This is terrain! Don't get lost (too much) on the details. I kept this to a minimum. Well, at least as it is possible to keep details to a "minimum" with ForgeWorld terrain tiles.
I painted a lot of details on this board because this is base for my Armies on Parade entry. And it was pretty hard because the ground blends into rocks, concrete and metalsheets at many places.
In the end I decided to go with Zandri Dust Spray, Sepia wash and Ushabti Bone drybrushing. And some pigments for some dust (Let's see how much remains after sealing...)

I've to be honest: It looks great. I hope I can get the other tiles match the color for a nice sandy gametable. And now some more details

A few final words on the quality:
In general the quality of this board is great. But I started to wonder where these little black dots came from: Needle size little holes from airbubbles I first saw when I was almost done painting. It's not that bad but I see it.

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