Monday, 5 September 2016

Weekend roundup

This has been a more or less productive weekend. Let's see what happend

Imperial Knight

I spend the whole Friday freehanding a banner for my Castigator and gave him the finishing touch.

I guess he'll be too big for my small lightbox so I'll have to find a way to get some nice pictures of him.

Kill Team vs. Kill Team

The new Kill Team is the old Kill Team. I've an eBook-Version of 2013 and yes, it's pretty much the same with the new one. Same rules and restrictions, same missions. New Layout, new "Post-game" ideas. But all in all Kill Team like 2013.
And (sorry for that) still the boring version of Kill Team compared to Herald of the Ruins. If you want to play some quick games with your nicest models: Take the inofficial one. Way more fun.

Return of the Void Shield Generator

I guess it was the fastest sold out piece of scenery I've seen so far. The Void Shield Generator is back in plastic after two years. Judging from the pictures I saw it's huge. I'm really looking forward to pick mine up on Saturday.

Blood Angels Tactical Squad

No break in builidng and painting: I've started to build (and then paint) a Blood Angels Tactical Squad. Hope to get at least five guys done by Friday for the Starter-Store-Campaign. I'm already cursing about the new arms that come in pairs.

ForgeWorld Skitarii

Finally finally finally the Skitarii-Upgrad-Kits from ForgeWorld are up for preorder! I like the idea of having groundtroops to protect the big guys. And I like the look of the painted ForgeWorld-models a lot. I've something similar for my Ryza-Army. They'll look different from the ususal Vanguard and Rangers.

Drill you barrels!

I have to admit: Some barrels are infact undrillable! Skitarii-Weapons mostly. Galvanic rifles... I don't have a drill that small! But bolter and up? No problem. I've seen a lot of beautiful painted models latley for me destroyed by a small black dot on the tip of the gun. Why? It's one of the easiest things to do and gives your model an extra touch. And nothing looks like a real barrel if not a real barrel ;)

And now I sit and wait for my delivery from ForgeWorld. Armies on Parade is coming!

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