Sunday, 16 October 2016

Armies on Parade 2016 @ Warhammer Würzburg

Parade Day at Warhammer Würzburg yesterday and boy what a great show that was.
There were some pretty impressive entries with lots of love and details.

But see yourself. I didn't manage to take pictures of all 14 entries but here are some of them

Bittersweet result: We have no winner.
No draw just no winner, because the Eldar entry brought some friends (as far as I understood) along who gave him maximum points for painting and presentation. That's totally okay. I wouldn't do that, but it's okay. (I voted for myself last year but wouldn't do this anymore. I've grown up a little)
What's not okay is to downvote everyone else with the minimum points. So to say: all the other entries are badly painted and presented.
This has a backstory: He entered the competition last year with the same army on a board with some sand an a few stones and was pretty embarassed not to be the winner agains other entries like mine or a fantasy entry with handmade fences.
It's nice that he can use an airbrush but his army is totally lacking details. No signs, no little eyecatcher. And no, dabbed on brown paint as rust (and just that) doen't count as "detail".
But enough of that: I hope he and his gaming club is very proud of how grown up and sportsmanlike they acted. I guess those are the guys who vote you with one point at cmon because it's not their model.
For me it was a great day. And it's strange to be recognized as the guy "who was with his Tyranids on the internet last year". I got great feedback and saw amazing armies. Did I mention that I'm in love with those red orks?`
Great work everyone!
And now: Keep your fingers crossed maybe there's something else coming.

Update 18. Octobre
Well, there's a little update on the case of voting fraud: The shopmanager mixed up some facts and I talked to another guy. The guys voted totally fine. There were some other guys who made fun of the voting. In the end, the voting system turned out to be too complex to handle it in time. And there's still no result. So it's tuesday, no result and I start to not care about them pretty much. I've to say: Nice try but total failure. In voting system and telling people thing that are actually not true.


  1. Nice post. Only solidifies my already rotten opinion of douchy Eldar players...

    1. Turned out that it wasn't the Eldar players fault. They voted right. The shopmanager told this story in the story which wasn't true and got killed by complexity of his voting system. Still no winner. I start not to care anymore