Friday, 25 November 2016

Mek Gun Gretchin

Sometimes trouble starts with an easy sentence
Of course. No problem!
That's what I said when a friend asked if he can have my Mek Gun for tomorrows match (Yes, I'm letting other kids play with my toys!) and totally forgot, that my gretchin aren't painted yet. And what's a Mek Gun without a crew.
I put the containers aside (again) and started painting the crew.
 Obviously they aren't super-special extra nice. Just Tabletop-Ready. I hope they don't kill too many of my Blood Angels tomorrow.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Realm of Battle Board WIP #1

Weeks ago I started priming my Realm of Battle Board.
I had this done before in black to paint an board with ash and lava but then decided to go for sand because of my Armies on Parade Contribution. So I spend about three cans of Zandri Dust for the basecoat.

After that I washed everything with Seraphim Sepia. In the end I spend two big pots of it on the board and finished the sand-part with a round of drybrushing with Ushabti Bone. After six tiles my finger hurt. Please GW, make more ergonomic brushes. Or I have to paint less...