Friday, 29 January 2016

Backlist-Update January

Talking about priority also implies talking about the famous backlist. Or, to speak truth, the inevitable *Insert thunder and lightning here* PILE OF SHAME!

So time to crunch the numbers of my current PoS:
At the Moment I've horrible 54 items on my list (Plus one for something that's already ordered but not shipped yet). And that's without Mice & Mystics or Zombicide Black Plague!
I called I items because I count army boxes like Dark Vengeance (I got from my girlfriend and haven't started yet) as much as I count single characters like a TechPriest.

Four of them are boxes. As I said Dark Vengeance, the Blood Angel-half of Deathstorm, SpaceHulk and Elimination Maniple from Cult Mechanicus. Yes, I'm cheating on numbers. I studied some time Business Administration and learned a lot about how to make numbers look nicer.
Another five are "big ones". Harpy, Knight, Tyrannofex. I really like these ones because I tend to have more fun painting a big bug than painting ten little bugs all the same.
Next up is Terrain with nine boxes. Buildings, trenches, trees. I've a histroy in not painting terrain ;) Although my two painted Manufactorums look really nice.
Slightly in front are those things called vehicles. Eleven of them are waiting to get painted. Good news in this category: Six are already primed which means they are pretty close to getting painted.
But the leader is, and I'm pretty sure that's not so uncommon, Infantry with 24 boxes.
It's hard to draw a line here. There are single character models mixed with small squads and real squads like my Deathkorps. Somehow a Terminator-Squad is a "big" squad for me, but the DKoK Command HQ with the same number of miniatures is just a small squad.

So what's my plan to reduce this?
First: I know there won't be an end! Never!
Second: Painting what's already primed. That's more or less what I named here a few days ago.
Third: Don't buy new stuff! I have enough to do! Another valid argument for NOT starting a Daemonkin-Army. But as we all know THIS one never works. But I'm afraid my local store won't see me so often the next time. Maybe just for gaming or restocking glue and paint.

I'll keep you up to date...

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Priority List for 2016

I've played a lot of Diablo 3 the past few days. One of the reasons why I didn't post here as regular as I wished.
While playing D3 I noticed two things:
Meanwhile I prefer painting and playing Warhammer 40k over Videogames. Maybe that's a nerd or age thing, but I've more fun with tiny plastic men (or beasts or bugs) than diving deep into virtual worlds.
I still get heavy beaten up and I still haven't understood all the rules but I don't mind. It's fun playing with other people face to face than sitting face to face with a display. Maybe that's somehow a result of my job as a software developer.
The second thing that came to my mind were the daemons. Wouldn't it be nice to have an army of red Khorne Daemons? I've to admit that I don't like the Chaos Space Marines. If I want to play Space Marines, well, than I've Space Marines. Or at least Blood Angels.
But nice looking red monsters? Why not... Especially with the new "Start Collecting"-Box this would be 65 € for about 500 Points of Daemon Power.
And I already have a Daemon Prince of Khorne.

So, why not?

Monday, 18 January 2016

Imperial Knight finished!

It's monday night, and he's done.

And sorry: He's just looking great on the pictures!
I really have to admit that I had doubt after I did the weathering yesterday and felt like there's to much chipped paint on the roof. But from the pictures I'm currently just pretty happy.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Imperial Knight - WIP 3

Guess what: Still not done!

But it's time for an update after a week of silence.
Sometimes it feels like there's no progress at all. But after adding the first transfers today and finishing the chainsaw it looks almost done.

Theremal Cannon is still not finished. I basecoated the red parts and the metalparts. So it's "only" details and highlights.
I also found a crest for the shoulders. I was a little bit inspired by the Tower mentioned for House Raven.
It's a sun over the dunes of the home planet of House Hazamel (Still no name...). It's not as breathtaking as Richard Gray's Freehands, but...

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Imperial Knight - WIP 2

Wow, it has been almost a week since I posted an update on my Knight.

Compared to the last one I feel like nothing has happend. Progress feels pretty slow at the moment.
But what has changed:
His legs are pretty much done. They need some weathering, some dirt, oil and rust and they are finished.
I've finished the exhausts and the started painting some of the pipes and hoses on the upper body. It looked pretty dull with metal only.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Imperial Knight - WIP 1

Here we go.
I'm doing my Imperial Knight.

To get an impression how the colors look like, I basecoated the facemask and the top of the knight. So far it looks pretty good. I think it'll improve with adding more details (as usual)

The rear part with the yellow stripes looks a little bit boring at the moment. But I hope this will change with adding the exhausts and painting some of the metal parts.
How do you like it so far?