Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Happy Easter Battle! Cult Mechnicus vs. Orks

Second part of my Happy Easter Battle!
This time we played 750 Points of Cult Mechnicus vs. Orks which meant:
10 Models on my side vs. 19 bikes and buggys on the other side.
We decided to roll for missions and ended up with the mission with the hidden points (I don't know the english name...)

Lucky me: Bonus points for killing fast attack units which my Cult doesn't have.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Battlereport: 1500 Points AdMech vs Chaos Space Marines

I think I'm doing something horrbily wrong!
Last night I played with my combined Skitarii and Cult-Force against 1500 Points of Chaos Space Marines.
And I lost.

So there must be something wrong with my tactics.
I ended up with no forces left in Round 5 I think.

I had a good start and my opponent had a lot of respect for my tracked grav guns. He even tried to hide his landraider behind a building.
He had the first turn an pretty much decimated my Skitraii Rangers to nothing. His try to kill my Dunecrawler with two direct hits from lasguns ended in my beloved forcefield. Can't belive I rolled two sixes.

In my turn I lost my Infiltrators in close combat and noticed one problem: Space Marine Armor! And his Warpsmith.
He rolled pretty well on saves and so his losses were not so severe. His main goal was to take out my Katahprons and he tried hard for five melee rounds to bring down my Dragoon.
He also managed to kill my Dunecrawler in Round 2.
Okay, one tactical mistake was maybe blocking my close combat specialists. My Kataphron Destroyers were blocked behind the Kastelans and couldn't get into close combat quick enough.

Anyway it was a fun match and lasted for almost three hours.
I learned a lot again and my loosing streak is still intact.

I defintly need another bunch of Kastelans and I think I'll go with the Electro-Priests even though I think they don't look that good. But I need more diversity. And more punch. One thing to gain more punch will be another weapon for the Dunecrawler to punch holes. Big holes!

And now I prepare for Sunday when I get visited by a Kult of Speed.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

One evening paint: Imperial Bunker

I had it sitting on my shelf since Armies on Parade.
The Bunker didn't fit into the scenery so it stayed unpainted until yesterday.

I'm really not big fan ob painting scenery but this one seemed makeable in not so much time. Also it was not orange which is a big plus after the last few month.
So painting the bunker from primed black to fully painted took me about three hours and included no magic.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Ryza Rising

It's done!
My Ryza War Convocation is completed.

Okay, as completed as a Warhammer 40k army can be ;)
I've still a lot of support to build and paint but this is it. I'll field them (or parts of it) twice next week and then we'll see what need some support and improvement.
Also this will probably be my entry for Armies on Parade this year. With more orange guys from Ryza.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

WIP in March

Yes, I've been lazy posting pictures lately.
The main reason is having finished my War Convocation and adding some last Kastelans and then take some serious pictures.
So I haven't been lazy painting, just blogging about painting.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Basic Weathering Tutorial

When it comes to painting I hear one sentence pretty often
Just basic... No fancy stuff!
First of all: I don't have the feeling that I'm doing fancy stuff.
One of things I'm usually doing is weathering. It's grimdark. It's battling for month or years or even longer.
I can't imagine that someone in the middle of a war says:
Well, that doesn't look good! Let's paint the tank so it looks nice again.
Okay, maybe they really do this in a world where bright yellow and blood red are something like camouflage.

But that's not to point today. I like my armies 'used'. Like they've got some hits, got hit by gravel and rocks and stuff like that.