Tuesday, 3 January 2017

121st Regiment - The Snow Whites

I painted a lot of stuff last year.
What I didn't paint were my Death Korps of Krieg I primed last winter. They stood around all black for a whole year.
As usual it was a question of how to paint them. Not to mention that there's a whole box in my room full auf Kriegsmen.
If you look up DKoK on the internet you mostly find brown, grey and dark green ones. And maybe it's already known that I don't like to have miniatures like everybody else.
So I really decided to go with the winter-theme I testpainted in May.
I call it the 121st Regiment "The Snow Whites" 

They're white like snow and red like blood. You know the story...
Progress on the next four ones was pretty slow as I really wasn't in the mood for painting at the end of last year. But I finished what is 9% of a minimum standalone army.

I counted the Kriegsmen I have and I endend up with 82 of them. So it's more like 6% and not talking about the heavy weapons, tanks and artillery waiting to be assembled and painted.
Resolution 2017: Don't rush and no stress. It's done when it's done.
The next five guys are already in the making which means at least one squad will be done soon.
So what do you think?

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