Monday, 16 January 2017

Grand vs. War Convocation

Once again, I don't get it. Maybe someone can help me.
Since Saturday Fall of Cadia is out and there's as new AdMech-Formation call "Grand Convocation".
It's Decurion-Style and you get some nice bonuses like "It will not die" for vehicle and knights. And, if you choose to use fill up all slots you get "Canticles of the Omnissiah" for everybody.
I haven't done the math but that's a lot of points. As far as I remember my minimum War Convocation had about 2000 Points. And, that's in my opinion a big bonus for War Convocation, this is with the free upgrades you get. For example my Dunecrawler is much cheaper in War Convocation then it is in Grand Convocation. And I get my Canticles for everybody.
Another difference is that you don't have to choose between Ironstrider und Dragoons. With Grand Convocation you can field both. At least from my experience so far: Those units were the first to die in battle. Almost everytime. I like them, they're a pain to build but I don't feel the need to field both types so far.
Another downer for me is "No ForgeWorld Knights". As you might know I have a ForgeWorld Knight who is part of my Knightly House and as far as I see it: I can't field my second Knight.
So all in all I can't see why some people are so happy about the ne Formation. It costs much more points than War Convocation and the differences in special rules are really small. For the points I spend for upgrades in GC to get "It will not die" I can buy additional units in WC. And get my canticles. And I with that I can play at a reasonable level of 1800-2000 points.
I totally understand everybody who says "But now everybody can play it, because it's no longer White Dwarf exclusive" but guys and girls: There's this magic thing called "The Internet". I've seen Skyhammer Annihilation Forces before it was in Angels of Death and I bet not everybody but the exclusive package to get the printed rules. Tournament rules might be another cup of tea but I don't think that GC will be seen at many tournaments due to its high costs.
And neither WC nor GC does solve one of the main problems I have with this combined army: The variety of choices and weapons. GC limits it to GW-Knights but that's really not much.
With 10 Skitarii I can have a standard weapon, up to three speacial and heavy weapons plus one out of three handguns for my alpha and a melee weapon.That's six different weapons in one squad.
For me as a casual player shooting phase is a horror. Plus I've to carry around four books for GC or three books and a WD for WC.
As a result for me WC is much more managable for once a year show off matches. I can field both versions but I doubt that I'll use GC ever.
If it's GW's strategy to blow up points level, like many people are assuming they will after seeing the new formations, they really need to speed up the game and simplify the rules. With the current rules you can spend a whole weekend with one game. And from last year's experience with a 3400 points game on each side:
That's not my kind of game.

Okay... Decurion-Style was wrong. It's a CAD. In my opinion that doesn't change that much. As Connor stated 610pts is the minimum entry level, which is for an entry level pretty high. The longer I think about this, it sounds like a very bad excuse for making two (plus the knights) factions for AdMech. To show the people they can field their AdMech together now the ususal 1 HQ + 2 Core you can choose from these two faction would haven been better. Like everybody else has.


  1. I think you need to re-read the GC, it is most certainly NOT a decurion. It is a regular CAD detachment just that it has double slots for everything. The list is just what you CAN bring, but for example i can field my minimum required tax for 610pts and bring all Vanguard and two dominus.

    1. You're right. But all you get for that is the reroll on the warlord trait. No vehicles for It will not die.
      And that's really bare minimum I guess with 20 Vanguard and no upgrades. Aiming at that low points I would rather choose between one of the factions and just use these or go unbound if I really want to use two of the factions.