Saturday, 14 January 2017

Reactor with LEDs - WIP #1

I'm always amazed by things that move and blink. That's why I thought about combining a Warhammer kit with LEDs for a while. Unfortunately I'm pretty bad at electronics. Okay, to be realistic: I've no clue.
I came across a company (I guess it's a one man shop) called Fallout Hobbies who sell LED kits more or less ready to use and stencils.
And because I also not that much into making stencils I placed a combined order of LEDs and stencils after Thanksgiving.
It arrived around New Year which was perfect becaus I just finished my Death Korps.

My painting place transformed into a workbench because I want to make the new Warhammer Reactors light up and blink.

I guess my love for light and warhammer started when I saw a Necron Warrior with actual light which is, from my level, insane!
But back to my project. Actually I thought it would even be cooler to add some smoke coming from the chimney. I had that idea with my manufactorum a year ago but my research so far ended up with these two results:

  • Modeltrain smoke is pretty expensive and it requires between 18 and 22 Volts. This requires a pretty good powersource and those are too big.
  • "Classic" smokegenerators are too big.
So I've currently no solution to this problem. From watching prop making and cosplay videos I know you can achieve pretty good results with cheap eCigarettes and small air/aquarium pumps. But I guess that's advanced building.
Again: Back to topic!
The LED-Kit comes with a lot of options, nice clear 3D printed casings for the hazard lights and fiber optics and a drill. You can start over pretty quick.
To get from the picture above to the next one took me about half an hour. Mostly to find the right drill to get the eye out and replace it with the LED.
Next step was to replace the hazard light on the right. Drill again and the result can be seen in the Video
For one hour of work this is really great. One thing is bothering me a little bit but it's more a personal thing: It's blinking too fast.
Actually this triggerd antother order abroad: I ordered an Arduino/Genuino Bundle. I already have a Raspberry Pi and when it comes to possible usage the sky is the limit (and the voltage some times). But with beeing so powerful it needs a pretty mighty powersource to work without a power supply. An Genuino is able to run on battery (Actually it need 3-4 Volts as far as I read). Small battery and more or less just the thing I need for controlling different actions. I'm currently thinking about moving turrets.
So this year it will be less painting and more creative pushing the limits outside of painting. I'm also still thinking about light up Castellan helmets. But there's a lot of issues to solve like battery and wiring and getting deeper into these LED stuff.
I hope you stay with me and enjoy this journey.

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