Saturday, 28 January 2017

Reactor with LEDs - WIP #2

It's still on my desk and closer to the finishline!
Biggest issue was priming. Not because I didn't know but it was too cold to prime outside. And because patience is not my friend, I spent half an hour cleaning my airbrush from crusty paint, few minutes of priming all parts black and then cleaning for half an hour again.
Step one so far...

Next step was adding metal basecolor and some white for the face. I left out the parts where the two halfs are glued together because no assembling until the chimney on the backside was ready to be glued in place.

So next step was to paint the backside. I had to do all the coils and the pipes because they're difficult to reach once the chimney is in place. I really had to motivate myself to do this because the backside is not that interesting with no lights and a lot of small tubes to paint. But I made it...

In the meantime I wanted to add more light because three LEDs for the whole thing, powered by a 9V-Block seemed pretty boring. And because I'm pretty bad at painting fancy lightning effects, I decided to do "real" lightning effect and drilled the window in the "oven" door. As glass I used the front of an old blisterpack and sanded it with sandpaper to get the milky look. This has two benefits
  • It looks good when I don't use the lighteffects
  • You can't see the LED behind and the blue light looks not so sharp.

I'm really thinking about doing this at the second non-electric reactor, too. It also was a little testrun for the Kastellans heads, too.
The blue LED is fixed with greenstuff to be somewhere in the upper middle of the glass. This produces a nice litte arc.

Finally assembling and soldering time.
I like the look. I added a switch to the battery and everything can be stuffed into place inside of the reactor. There's place for improvement in my soldering skills but it works. Next time I've to think about shrinkwraps for the joints. The tape I'm using is not holding on so well.

So last step ahead: Painting and weathering of reactor No. 1 before I move on to No. 2 with no lights.

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