Monday, 3 April 2017

It's been a while

Oops... It's really been a while since I posted my last progress here.
And to be honest: I wasn't that motivated at all. But I finished my Reactors!
Here's the one with the light

And then thing got out of control a little bit...
Number 2 got very rusty and a little bloody, but I like it even more then the tech-one

And because I had a good vibe with rust I continued with the Promethium Piplines in the same way.

And, as always, the secret ingredience to painting is gaming. A friend announced his visit to show me his new Harlequins on the table. And I wanted to show him a new friend. So quick paintjob for on Secutraii Hoplite
He didn't move or fight at all, but it was okay: I won the first time against Dirk. And no, that wasn't an April's Fool Joke!
And now on to nine more Hoplites to protect my Knights.

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