Sunday, 16 April 2017

Ryza Secutraii Hoplites

I finished my Secutarii Hoplites.
So finally I've a guard for my knights. Actually it's a hired guard becaus Knights aren't titans and I won't buy (and paint) a Titan of any size. Although I'm a little attracted by the Warhound Titan but I can hear Dirk's voice in my head that I need two of them. Because of fluff...
So: No!
Here we go with my Hoplites

It was suprisingly hard to take a decent picture of the whole group.
And for the first time I experimented with the coats. So the ten man squad has three different coats in it. I hope no one notices.

First idea was to go for all black outside like a shiny raincoat. That looked nice but somehow boring. Second one was same colors as the black one with the "wrong" highlight color. Fenrisian Grey is to bright. So I ended up with the old paint chart and Dark Reaper and Thunderhawk Blue. Don't throw away stuff like that. It might get useful sometimes.
Enough about painting. Here is some picture spam of my ne Unit

Feel free to tell me how you like them.

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