Monday, 1 May 2017

A look at the backlog

Labour day in germany!
There's no better day to talk about work than today. So let't talk about my backlog.
Well the better term would be "Piles of Shame". A while ago my favorite indpendent GW-Dealer sold out with nice discounts on all boxes. I didn't hesitate and went a little overboard with stocking up my To-Do-List. Now some (or some more) projects are stacking up behind me and I guess I've enough stuff to keep me busy for a while.

Let's see what's haunting me...


Bugs were my (second) love after I started with Blood Angels. I still like them but they are a lot of work and I guess I got a little fed up with them after painting masses of Gaunts. Current Backlog is mainly big bugs. Back when the Tyrannocyte came out I bought to of them. Yay, Tyranid-Droppods. I build the first one and it was nothing you would call "fun" to build. And it's a nightmare to transport. Like almost all big bugs. But I love them.. I hope they get the treatment they deserve with the new rules. Back to swarmy power... Not just big bugs.

Blood Angels

Like I said, after I got infected with the 40k-virus I started with the "old" Blood Angels Army box. This box consits mainly of discount boxes. Tanks, infantry... And the BA-part of the Deathstorm box. And yes, there's a flyer I can't use. But I think I'll paint him. I like the idea of having a wingman for my Stormraven.


I love Deathwatch. I had the metal upgrade sprue lying around for ages before plastic Deathwatch came out. I haven't started this one yet.

Adeptus Mechanicus

I guess this is my smallest pile. Two more Dunecrawler, a little infantry and another chicken leg. Calw and antother Squad of Secutarii. Guess this is a few month of work.

Imperial Guard

I think I'm not as smart as I think... This is by far the most expensive pile because the brown box is filled with Death Korps. Regular IG is mainly discount and "Well, I'll try with cheap IG before I move on to real DKoK." Looking back this hasn't worked out. No IG painted but DKoK started. Good job, Hazamel...

Age of Sigmar Chaos

I've an Age of Sigmar army. Well "army". My Khorne daemons are out in the window of our local Warhammer Store on display. I need something like season of war to move on. This was a real motivation to get Khorne done.

House Hazamel

Just three boxes and four models. Easy one. Four month or so... Need four weeks each for my first two knights. Damn you, details.

Core Boxes

8th Edition on its way... and I've a 6th edition Dark Vengenace. Untouched. Got it from my fiance. How can you not marry a woman that gifts you something like that? 
And Age of Sigmar. Untouched for supporting my chaos.


Of course: Lots of terrain! You don't spend hundreds of hours painting your army the best you can and then play with sodacans as terrain. And yes, shadowwar is a terrainbox for me ;)

The rest...

I've this mixed pile with LotR (awesome kit), Necrons (they look great), Orks (Christmas project and probably soon gone...) and Possesed to make my AoS Khorne a 40k Khorne Daemonkin-army. I think I'll paint one or another sooner or later.

...and the ones without pictures

Boxed games... I've a half painted Space Hulk, Blood Bowl, Zombicide, Rum & Bones and "The Others" (this one really for the great miniatures!)

What I don't have?

Space... Room to store my miniatures. I've really to think about how to store all this stuff once it is painted. And (I guess that's obvious) I can't display all of them in our apartment.
But I'll keep painting and hope that I can eliminate one or more piles this year.

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