Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Quick Showcase - Krieg Command HQ Squad

I've been lazy blogging. Again...
But here is the result of my Death Korps of Krieg Command HQ Squad.
And a sepia toned one
I'm honest: I'm not happy with the things ForgeWorld is doing to Krieg at the moment: Heavy Weapon Teams were reduced a lot, Grenadiers vansihed together with their transport. And, this strikes me really bad, the Gorgon is gone. My beloved Landing Boat on tracks. Gone.
Seems like Krieg is dying. And they're one unique armies in GW/FW's portfolio. Will have to place an order to stock up my Kriegsmen before they're really gone.

Progress so far:
1x Command HQ Squad
1x Command Squad
1x Infantry Squad

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