Sunday, 25 June 2017

Fun with Power Points

I guess there will be a looooot of fun at games in the distant near future with the new Power Point System.
By the way who came up with the name "Power" as a unit for points? And who translated it to the german word for "Force". So my IT-Professional inner Star Wars Geek is totally disturbed...
But that's not the point.

I was over at the local Gamestore and overheard the following conversation. Player UnpaintedMini said something like
I like the new Power points. I can get all the best weapons without paying for it. So my Space Marines have all the best equipment instead of what you can see now.
Welcome to my No-Play-List for two reasons: Grey matter and exploiting the "What you see is what you get" recommandation from the rulebook. Bonuspoints for experiencing him in a discussion whether his Drop Pod, which drifted to the edge of the battlefield was in or not for 15 Minutes. Also a guy who brings a flyer to spontanous match...

So my wild guess is:
Power Points will cause a lot of discussion because WYSIWYG is just a recommandation not a rule.
At least with guys like Player UnpaintedMini.

But what about my points? I've only done the math on my power points, not the "real" points. And yes, it's really quick. For all my four (and a half) armies it took my 20 minutes.
And the results are:

  • Blood Angels: 145
  • Tyranids: 96
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: 134
  • Imperial Knights: 48
  • Death Korps of Krieg: 19
I also found out, that this will be fun to find a suitable formation for all of these.
My Blood Angels have enough HQ für a Brigade but lack of Core- and Assault-Units.
My Tyranids have enough HQ and Core-Units for a brigade but lack again Assault-Units
My AdMech lacks a second HQ so currently they're second most in points but need another Tech Priest or Calw.

So the result is: No matter which army - I need to paint new units. Guess I'll do the math on real points anytime soon. So how are your experiences in listbuilding so far?

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