Friday, 23 June 2017

New rules for the Death Korps

When I ordered the new Imperial Armour - Astra Militarum last week I was pretty excited.
As you can see here I've a pretty big backlog of Death Korps lying around and I was really curious how they will perform with the new rules.

In one word? Strange... And here's why

No more platoons

That's a funny thing that caught my attention in the first place.
There are no more platoons. The old Platoon is split into:
HQ: Field Officer
Core: Infantry (2x)
Elite(!): Command(!!!!) Squad
Support: Heavy weapon Team

Yes, the officer is no longer a part of the Command Squad and the Command Squad is no longer HQ.
New rules blow up a single core choice to 4+ (optional Heavy Weapon Squad) slots all over.
Of course having more troops is better because you get more Command-Points buuut...

"Old" regular style battleforged army was HQ + 2 Core units.

Todays Bataillon has up to 3 HQ-Slots... and I can fill them with a Marshal and the two field officers. To gain more slots I need to go up to Brigade... which requires six core units. So I've to paint another two infantry squads for more HQ. Good thing is: Quartermaster is no longer HQ.

But all in all new formations don't seem to be made for IG-armies. Regular IG-Field Officer even got worth and is elite or something like that. Field degradation or something like that...

No more... many other DKoK-Things?

You may notice the following things
  • No Medusa or Earthshaker Carriages (Good thing I've two of the first one)
  • No dedicated Transports like Gorgon or Crassus. I assume the guys have to walk now while anybody else overtakes them in their former cool rides
  • Nothing like Macharius. Who would think that a Tank like the Vulcan with a Krieg Tank Commander could be taken by Krieg
  • Hades Breaching Drill? Yes, but not like the Engineers could take them and upgrade from Core to Elite. I've only 5 Engineers and Hades requires 10 men squad.
  • Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber? Twin... what? Nice thing you asked but there's only Heavy Stubber on the list. No such thing as the former DKoK-Toy. Just shoot with one barrel at a time.
  • The Rapier (you're not allowed to use anymore) is now operated by Guardsmen not Engineers. Seems like it got an UI-Update

The (really) good things...

...are hard to find when large centerpieces of your army are invalidated. But Thudd Guns are a real thing now. Heavy 4(!)D6 one of them. This is 12(!!!)D6 with three of them. 36 Attacks for supercheap 9 Power-Points.
And the instant resurection ability of the Quatremaster. It's such a great set and finally it has some use!

...and the not so good things

This time the Non-DKoK Factions... My knight got a little downgrade from 8 twin-linked shots to 14. So far for "we just double the shots to replace twin-linked". Someone's really bad at math. By the way regular gattling has 12 shots... At least my knight has healing powers.
And remember the apocalyptic flame template? Yeah... well... that's a Heavy D6 now. Imagine hitting two things with that template back then... I guess I wouldn't have used it in that case. Also Heavy 2D6: Space Marine Rocket Launcher... Just for comparison.

And, just for the record: No Secutarii rules and no Ordinatus... So I've some really sweet dustkeepers at the moment.

So, how's my feeling?

Disappointed? No, not that much... It's more insecurity. I've supernice (and pretty expensive) DKoK Army lying around and many things are like "Nope... you can't use that!" at the moment. I thought about upgrading my army with another Platoon and a Macharius Vulcan but I guess this is on hold right now.
I don't know what happend at ForgeWorld with the rules. Of course it's day one of the release but so many questions (and maybe mistakes) look like someone didn't want to but had to and just wrote something to say "Here's you stuff... and now sh... get lost".
I really really really hope there will be an Update or FAQ or Errata soon to solve this mystery.
Non-Space Marines ForgeWorld 40k is a real bummer at the moment...

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