Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Not so gone Templates and no rules

New Edition of Warhammer 40k is out for a few days now. I didn't have time to dive deep into the new rules. But I did this night and I had fun.
Not because the new rules are fun to play but because I discovered funny things.

There will be rules for everything from day one!

...well except for the Haemotroph Reactors. Or my Secutarii. Or if you spent 285 Pounds on an Ordinator. Or Death Korps (Well, there will be but a week late...)
But there are rules for the Plasma Obliterator which was for sale for a day or so and never reappeared.

Fluffy lists will be rewarded

When I heard that I thought about additional command points or stuff like that because your army is well trained and they've fought for a looooooong time together. Things like the deatchments in the last edition.
Nope... I failed. Fluffy is that anybody has the same faction keyword and some gain special abbilities on that keyword.
Result in my Ryza-AdMech army: the one faction special rule Calw has can't be used because he's from Mars. (Calw is from Mars, AdMech from Ryza... Sorry for the bad joke). No Mars - No reroll on any hits. I've to work with the little brother. Rerolls on 1. Subsitute for other forgeworlds? Nope.
So as far as I saw "fluffy" is still a nice thing but nothing that gains you a really big advantage. If you want to combine what you want nobody is gonna stop you and I guess you'll be even better of like with unbound in last edition.

Templates are gone!

That's what I really laughed hard about.
Rule for the Siege-Stuff:

Call in an artillery strike
Place a marker anywhere on the battlefield. Your opponent moves it D6 in any direction (I really missed 'Roll for direction') and then meassure 3" around the marker and roll for wounds for any unit in this area.
Boy, am I a lucky guy. I've some fancy 3" diameter discs (some might call them "templates") lying around. I'll use them as marker so my opponent just has to move them D6.
And I'm pretty sure there won't be any long discussions about whether a unit is in or not with this new super-precises way of determining affected units. Good thing GW got rid of these templates!


Cities in Flames, Death from the Skies... Once great books (wheter you like it or not) now they are two pages in the many Rulebook.

Not Shrink

I loved my small rulebook. I've three of them and I really loved to take them with me for games. Yes there is also a new small version but only in the limited edition. Why not sell the seperatly? The hardcover is too unhandy and to beautiful to carry it around.

Why no new units?

Okay, this one didn't make me laugh...
Finally there's ONE book for all Space Marines... And as a Blood Angels Player I still have to "borrow" the new units from other chapters.
No Stormtalon, no Centurions, no Land Speeder Storm (It says "Land Speeders" but refers to page 46 and not 45 with the Storm-Version)
Why? This is nice stuff... Blood Angels get new Primaris but still have to use the toys from 2009-Codex? Great job!

Don't get me wrong I'm really looking forward to play faster and streamlined games without looking up tables over tables. But espeacially the no-Templates rule really made me laugh.

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