Friday, 2 June 2017

Project Tyranid Kitbash

Maybe some of you are following my work on Instagram so this won't be so new to you.
Having a Tyranid army equals a lot (really A LOT) spare bits. My favorite are the Tyranid Warriors and the Tyrannocyte because you've a lot of parts for the spore and no tentacles.
The brainbug parts are simply to cool to leave them in a box.
That's why I did something I never did before: I kitbashed!
The result is: Mr. Brainbug!

Mr Brainbug was not so nice to assemble because he always wanted to loose his rear leg.
With a lot of greenstuff and superglue I could convince him to be a nice bug...
Mr. Nicebug got my usual Hivefleet Leviathan Treatment. After all those highly detailed stuff I did the last months I was really surprise how far I managed to paint him in 90 minutes. Brain and body were mostly done in one evening. The rest followed on the next evenig.
To be honest: whoever designed the paint pots of citadel must have tweaked the Abaddon Black ones in that way that it is completly impossible not to get black fingers from overspill. Great thing with a white Tyranid in my hands. Always!
Mr. Nicenids wepaon of choice for eating are two tentacles from Venomthropes. I cutted the ends a little bit to get a V-Shape and fit them good under the brainbug. Happy brainbug with his (120mm) base. That's an 80mm upgrade compared to the regular sporebase.

In the end Mr. Nicebrain looks now like this and I'll contribute with him in the "Build your own hero" competition at the local store. Well, "hero"...

One thing in the end: People keep asking me as what I'll field 'it'. Short answer: I've no idea!
As mentioned he has a much bigger base now and is no spore anymore. On the other hand he's to harmless and strange that he'll fit in any role.
If you've any suggestions: Tell me!

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