Saturday, 15 July 2017

New new rules for DKK

Second try from ForgeWorld!
There's an FAQ and Errata for the Imperial Armour Books and it solves some but from my experience not the most asked issue.

Big guns are back!

Isn't it a little bit embarrassing if you release new rules and allow DKK to take 14 other units and then a few weeks later have to update this list by 22 units that were obviously missing but legal?
And yes, big tanks and big guns on carriages are back. And Demo Charges for Engineers. But that's almost all the good news I found.

Death Korps of Dumb

While DKK was know for their skilled handling of their lasguns, the guys who can't handle lasguns so well have been banned to operate the artillery. There are no special stats for DKK Artillery Crew.
Same with the Engineers if they take the Hades Breaching Drill. But I come to this later.


Belive it or not: The Hades is still an issue. As far as I noticed it was one of the most discussed issues with the frist "draft". All that cam with the new FAQ was that DKK can take a Breaching Drill "just replace <Regiment> with DKK".
Well, thank you... this was in the rules before. The real issue are two points (at least for me):
  • Breaching Drill requires a ten men Veterans Squad. I'm pretty flexible and accept that because there are no Veterans in DKK Engineers count as Veterans. But with Siege Regiment I was able to send in a five men squad with an option for five more. And guess what: I've only five. Yes, I know I can also use less models and pay the full price but that's weird to me.
  • For being "promoted" to Veterans the DKK are dumbed down (again...) to a 4+ WS. Guess it must be something with the fumes in the tunnels or something like that.
I mean, c'mon ForgeWorld Rules Team, what's so hard to add a sentence like it was in the old IA? "Can take a Hades Breaching Drill (see rules on page 9)". Everybody is happy and DKK has it's trusty Breaching Drill as weapon of choice.

What's my conclusion?

I can only guess that FW has currently three issues to fix:
  1. Improve your communication! I've E-Mails with your support adressing the "dumb down" Engineers-problem. And, as I said, it's the most discussed issue around.
  2. Don't you have a QA department? I mean... Someone who's into this stuff and reads it before you release it? 22 additional units you forgot at the first one. If I were you I would send out vouchers to those customers who bought the printed version.
  3. Does the mysterious rules team even know what you're selling? Did you burn the old IA-Books so no one can look up this stuff and say "Wait... These units are better than the regular ones..."
So... Waiting for update number 2. But I guess this will take weeks again. Or it'll not come because they'll fix this in campaign/codices-books later.

And no rules für Secutarii so far... Still waiting on those ones.


  1. Gw and FW customer service do not answer rules queries

    1. At least ForgeWorld does to a certain level. I adressed a lot of the things that are now in the Errata (Missing guns, missing tanks, Hades-issue, missing twin-linked heavy stubber) and at least for the Stubber I got the answer to use the regular Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber Stats. Okay, I had to send them the link to their own Shop to prove they have a twin-linked heavy stubber but I got an answer