About Me

Who Am I?

Living in Germany I started to paint gaming miniatures in September 2013. So while I writing this, I've been painting for about two years.
I got infected by a Games Workshop Game called Dreadfleet which is kind of a mixture between Battleship and Pirates!
So I bought paints, brushes and tools and was done a few month later. All ships, islands and gaming material painted. So what to do next? No one buys expensive paints to stop at that point.
Luckily a friend of mine offered me to give me his Ultramarines from the Black Reach Box. More paints, more stuff... But I didn't stick with the Ultramarines. Some day I returned from my favorite Geek-Supplier with a Box labeled "Blood Angels Battleforce" and a Codex. Since then my stack of boxes is rising.

Why this blog?

While painting Dreadfleet I learned a few this when it comes to painting:
  1. There are a lot of intimidating good painters out there on the web (And in some books as I learned recently). Unfortunately I didn't find so much good tutorials about how to use which paint for what. I'd like to thank Paul "Mr. WatchingPaintDry" Graham for his great blog and YouTube-Channel that guided me through Dreadfleet and my Blood Angels a lot.
    As a consequence I wanted to share my experience with the world which led to
  2. Using my Instagram account to show my work. If you're not already following me there, feel free to follow me.
    I found a lot of inspiration there and I gathered a pretty nice number of followers over the time. It's great to show your results and progress on the way to your results.
    I also learned two other things: Instagram is mainly about tagging. If I don't tag my pictures so much I get less likes (and I assume also less views). The second thing is handling. Yes, Instagram is about pictures. But sometimes I'd like to write a little more and explain or mention something. That's tough or almost impossible at Instagram. So I searched for an alternative.
  3. I didn't want to do it on my blog. Again for two reasons: Language of choice when it comes to tabletop is english. And my blog is german. Second reason: I didn't want to fill up my blog with Tabletop-Stuff.
    My first try with tumblr was a complete failure because I don't like the interface. So this was my second choice and I'm pretty happy with it.
That's why you're here and why can read this.

What else?

As you've come this far I assume you're either interested in this stuff or you like what you've seen so far. So let's sum up how you can watch or even interact with me
  • Follow me on my Instagram-Account I already mentioned above
  • You can oldschool use a Feedreader like Feedly to get News via RSS-Feed from this blog
  • You can also like me Facebook-Page "Painting Hazamel" to stay up to date. I link my posts there and share some pictures and information
  • Or you can also browse through my CoolMiniOrNot-Account
So have fun and enjoy your stay.

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